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LETTERS Continued Commitment

Thank you so much for your continued commitment to Mathematica subscribers. I am fascinated and amazed by the depth of knowledge and expertise illustrated by those contributing to the Mathematica experience. Good job!

Dana Baxter Fadler-Spilios

MathSource Publication

Do you usually consider works (notebooks) that have already been archived by MathSource? Thanks.

Qi Zheng

The editors reply:
No, we usually do not. If your article has been accepted by MathSource we view it as a prior publication. We encourage authors to submit articles either to MathSource or TMJ, but not both at once. However, if you want to submit an original article based on a package on MathSource, we will look at it. In your cover letter, please make a note about the MathSource archive numbers. Note that TMJ currently has a much longer review cycle and lead time than MathSource.

RealTime 3D Animation

I met one of your Mathematica evangelists at the national meeting in New Orleans and he told me that there is a graphics package (which works with Windows at any rate) which gives Mathematica click-and-drag functionality for viewing 3D plots. I forgot the name of the package, unfortunately. It was an experimental distribution in Mathematica 4.0, I was told, and slated to be standard in Mathematica 4.1. Perhaps you would know the name and/or location of this add-on?

Doug Hensley 

The editors reply: 
Use <<RealTime3D`. See Roger Germundsson's article in TMJ 7:4 in the section on "User Interface" for an example of how to use it. The RealTime3D package is included in Mathematica 4.1, ready-to-use on all platforms. In 4.0 on the Macintosh, you first need to install OpenGLLibraries (available from  See also

Online subscription problems

I tried to renew my existing Mathematica Journal subscription online by using a link provided me by one of your tech staff. I got the correct form, but it asked for credit card information and yet the page was not handled by a secure server. I can't believe that you don't use secure servers, so I'm reporting this as a problem. Needless to say, I won't renew over a non-secure connection.

Brian Doyle

The editors reply:
Please be assured, our web subscriptions form does use a secure server. To verify this for yourself, go to, and then click the link marked "subscriptions". Notice that the broken padlock (or missing padlock for Internet Explorer) turns into a solid gold padlock in the status bar at the bottom of the screen. If you double-click the padlock icon, it will tell you that the page is secure.

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