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Based on more than four years of development, CalculationCenter is calculation software that combines powerful computational abilities with a simple and intuitive user interface, and an easy tool for professionals who need quick solutions to technical problems. 

CalculationCenter has been designed and tested to the same exacting standards as Mathematica.  It guides the user through every step of solving a problem.

CalculationCenter performs symbolic as well as numerical calculations to solve equations, calculate integrals, manipulate matrices, factor polynomials, analyze data, and so forth. 

CalculationCenter has hundreds of functions to handle basic and advanced math, symbolic calculations, matrices, data analysis, graphics, and much more. Its features include basic Mathematica, algebra, calculus, matrix and data operations, graphics, solvers, user definitions, units and constants, interface and help features, and document text styles and style sheets.

InstantCalculators are presented for each function to input and automatically set up a problem, while graphics and animations help make calculations visually clear. You can create 2D or 3D plots of functions or data easily. You can choose a range of stylesincluding bar charts, pie charts, contour plots, and density plotsor let the SmartPlot feature choose an appropriate style.

CalculationCenter saves work in Mathematica's .nb notebook format, which integrates text, graphics, and typeset equations in one document. Notebooks are platform-independent and can be shared with colleagues using the free reader software, MathReader, or other Wolfram Research products.

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