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New on MathSource  

The following notebooks and packages were recently published on MathSource. To download, select the name of any of these items or visit MathSource at

Generating Feynman Graphs and Amplitudes with FeynArts (Thomas Hahn, item 0202-194)

Dot-Dash Scatter Plots (Eric Gossett, item 0203-263)

MultiplierMethod--A General Purpose Nonlinear Programming Algorithm for Constrained Nonlinear Optimization (Jean-Christophe Culioli, Joseph P. Skudlarek, item 0207-289)

Programming Paradigms via Mathematica (A First Course) (Richard D. Neidinger, John R. Swallow, Todd G. Will, Stephen L. Davis, item 0208-583)

Integrability Package: Computation of Invariants and Symmetries (Unal Goktas, Willy Hereman, item 0208-932)

Analysis and Design of Electronic Circuits with Analog Insydes (Thomas Halfmann, Jutta Praetorius, Tim Wichmann, item 0209-731)

Graphica 2 and Beyond: Creating Artistic Images with Artlandia (Artlandia, Inc., item 0209-966)

LoanFunctions.m Package (David Reiss, item 0210-856)

qh-math: A MathLink Interface to Qhulls Delaunay Triangulation (P.J. Hinton, Alban Tsui, item 0211-251)

Finite Element Method (Andreas Stahel, item 0211-262)

Solving Two Linear Equations with Web-Based Plot (Youngcook Jun, item 0211-273)

Experiments with Finite Element Method (Edgar Camacho Cota, item 0211-284)

Creeping Flow Past a Stationary Sphere (Mark J. McCready, item 0211-295)

Partitions and Sums of Integer Powers (Jaime Rangel-Mondragon, item 0211-307)

Baseball Trajectory with Graphics (Robert Lee, item 0211-318)

When Close Enough Is Close Enough (Hu Zhe, item 0211-329)

A Practical Guide to the Propagation and Analysis of Experimental Error (Anthony Muscat, item 0211-330)

Gluing Two Moebius Strips into a Klein Bottle (Srdjan Vukmirovic, item 0211-341)

Automatic Analytical Computation of Feynman Diagram Expressions (Alexander A. Tetervak, item 0211-352)

Vectorial Analysis (Renan Cabrera, item 0211-363)

Cuantica: A Package for Quantum Mechanical Calculus (Renan Cabrera, item 0211-374)

KeyFraming in Animation (Louis J. Nachman, item 0211-385)

A RealOnly Package That Can Be Disabled or Enabled (Ted Ersek, item 0211-396)

Interference and Diffraction Patterns (Renan Cabrera, item 0211-408)

Tensorial: A Tensor Calculus Package (Renan Cabrera, item 0211-419)

Variational Calculus Examples (Renan Cabrera, item 0211-420)

The Mathematica Journal Vol. 6, No. 4--Electronic Supplement (Wolfram Research, Inc., item 0211-431)

Famous Fractals (Renan Cabrera, item 0211-442)

Basic Examples of Relativity Theory (Renan Cabrera, item 0211-453)

Integral Equation Solver (Ho Woong Choi, item 0211-464)

Basics of Non-Linear Dynamics (Renan Cabrera, item 0211-475)

Extending Quaternions to Rotations (Peter Meulbroek, item 0211-486)

Basic Plane Computational Geometry (Adriano Pascoletti, item 0211-497)

TangMath (Franco Cocchini, item 0211-509)

Context-Free Languages: Chomsky Normal Form (Jaime Rangel-Mondragon, item 0211-510)

A Catalog of Cellular Automata (Jaime Rangel-Mondragon, item 0211-521)

Functions EvaluateAt, EvaluateAtPattern, PositionMin, PositionMax, and More (Ted Ersek, item 0211-532)

Logic Programming (Renan Cabrera, item 0211-543)

Humorap 1.0: A Human Model for Radiological Protection (ICRP 66 and 78) (Guillermo Sanchez, item 0211-554)

Solution of Two-Point Boundary Value Problems: A Root-Solving Approach (Robert D. Tzou, item 0211-565)

A Package for PolarListPlots with Polar Gridlines (Ted Ersek, item 0211-576)

A Function Called HoldTemporary (Ted Ersek, item 0211-587)

Automatic Printing of Multiple Mathematica Files (Roeland Merks, item 0211-598)

Compartmental Modeling (Guillermo Sanchez, item 0211-600)

MomCumConvert: A Package for Conversion Between Moments and Cumulants (Qi Zheng, item 0211-611)

Basic Data for Biochemistry (Robert A. Alberty, item 0211-622)

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