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webMathematica Merges Web and Computational Power of Mathematica 

Wolfram Research, Inc. will soon be releasing webMathematica, a revolutionary product that merges the technical computing power of Mathematica with the convenience and accessibility of the web.

webMathematica technology can be used by researchers, scientists, and others looking to make their work readily available to colleagues. Schools, universities, and other educational institutions can design sophisticated interactive courseware or supplemental class material that takes advantage of Mathematica's functionality. Companies can rapidly create customized applications without having to install or maintain software on a number of individual machines. Using webMathematica allows companies to significantly reduce training time and costs while, more importantly, enabling those employees not familiar with the Mathematica programming language to take advantage of its computational abilities.

Because webMathematica is built on Java servlets, it is compatible with any web server, servlets engine, or application server that supports the Servlet API 2.0 (or higher), giving developers a broad choice of platforms and web solutions from which to work. webMathematica applications can be implemented easily using only standard HTML tools and a working knowledge of Mathematica.

webMathematica comes in two license configurations: webMathematica Professional, intended for development and deployment of sophisticated intranet and internet sites; and webMathematica Amateur, designed for those who wish to showcase their work over the web. Subscribers to Wolfram's Premier Service will receive complimentary copies of webMathematica Amateur.

For further description, see the product profile of webMathematica in this issue at New Products.

Some examples of the use of webMathematica are available at  

For more information about the product:

2001 Mathematica Developer Conference Nears

The Mathematica Developer Conference, October 11-13, 2001, is an opportunity for those interested in creating Mathematica-related tools, products, courseware, or literature--or for those who wish to offer services as a Mathematica trainer, consultant, or evangelist.

The conference will give users a chance to get the newest developer information and will be an excellent opportunity to meet Wolfram Research staff and other Mathematica experts from around the world. The conference will feature tutorials, forums, an open computer lab, special events, and many informative, practical sessions. 

This year's conference will focus on a variety of topics ranging from user interface enhancements and building blocks for numerical functionality to book and courseware development and application development. Particular emphasis will be placed on webMathematica, MathML, XML, and J/Link.

The conference will be held at Hawthorn Suites in Champaign, Illinois.  Information about training sessions will be announced as it becomes available at

Mathematica for Mac OS X Announced

Mathematica will soon be available in a version that takes full advantage of the unique capabilities of Mac OS X. The Mach 3.0 kernel and Unix-like foundation of Mac OS X allow this version of Mathematica to far surpass older Macintosh versions of Mathematica in speed, scalability, and the ability to handle calculations requiring open-ended amounts of memory.

Wolfram Research plans to release Mathematica 4.1 for Mac OS X in the third quarter of 2001. Customers who buy Mathematica for Macintosh now will be eligible to get the final Mac OS X version free when it is released. Wolfram Research began shipping a preview beta version of Mathematica 4.1 for Mac OS X to its Premier Service customers in mid-April.

For more information: .

Documentation Center Online

An updated Wolfram Research Documentation Center is now online. A collection of reference materials about Mathematica, CalculationCenter, and related products, the site allows users the means to access software documentation without ever leaving the internet. The address for the Documentation Center is

International Mathematical Olympiad 2001 Results Site

The 42nd International Mathematical Olympiad (IMO), held July 1-14 in Washington, DC, brought together over 450 of the most talented high-school-age mathematicians from more than 80 countries. Notable performers from IMO 2001 include USA team member Reid Barton, who became the first contestant ever to win four IMO gold medals. He, along with teammate Gabriel Carroll, received a perfect score on this year's exam. Overall, the USA team received four gold and two silver medals. The China team also repeated its outstanding performance of last year, with all team members taking home gold medals; team Russia was close behind with five gold medals and one silver. 

This is the first time the IMO has had a scoring site. The site, hosted by IMO title sponsor Wolfram Research, Inc., contains scoring results for all winning students as well as the competition problems and solutions.  Scoring distributions and graphs were generated using Mathematica. In addition to hosting the scoring web site, Wolfram Research also donated a copy of Mathematica for Students 4.1 to each IMO student contestant. 

Also available at the IMO site are contestant photos and profiles, interesting IMO facts (such as the names of Fields Medalists who competed previously), and other pictures from this year's event.

The official IMO scoring site address is

The Integrator Available in Japanese

A Japanese version of The Integrator has been made available online. Japanese-capable browsers can find it at

Fourth International Mathematica Symposium Held

The Fourth International Mathematica Symposium (IMS 2001) was held in June at the Chiba Campus of Tokyo Denki University. Mathematica notebooks from selected conference presentations are available online at

Mathematica Training Courses to be Held

Wolfram Education Group offers certified Mathematica training to individuals and corporations.  October classes are to be held in Denver, Baltimore, Dallas, and Phoenix. Online registration and additional information about Wolfram Education Group are available at

Calculation City: Team Effort from Wolfram and simplyengineering

Wolfram Research, Inc. has teamed up with to provide Calculation City, an online resource that uses webMathematica to provide engineering professionals with real-world calculators for stress, load, friction, fluid flow, pressure loss, and many other applications. The address is

Wolfram Web Store Redesigned

The Wolfram Worldwide Web Store has been redesigned with a new time-saving, easy-to-navigate interface. Customers can now purchase directly from participating resellers through the web store, which offers the convenience of using a local currency for payment and a local distributor for shipment. The store's address is
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