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Abstracts from IMS '99

Mathematica and Didactical Innovation

An Algorithm Computing Homology Groups of Commutative Differential Graded Algebras with Linear Differential

Normal Lines Drawn to Ellipses and Elliptic Integrals

Integration of Mathematica into an Information System Supporting Chemical Process Development

Symbolic Computations in Problems of Mechanics

The Structuring Power of Mathematica in Mathematics and Mathematical Education

Fractional Calculus: Application and Results

Sound as an Additional Learning Tool

PLEMATH SYSTEM: Linear and Integer Linear Programming in the Mathematica System

Pseudospectral Symbolic Computation for Financial Models

System Stochasticity: Discrete Formulation with Mathematica

Computing of Curvature Invariants in Arbitrary Dimension

Nontrivial Asymptotic Formulas by Symbolic Computation

Dynamic Optimization and Differential Games with Applications to Economics

The Visualization of Different Fiber-Optic Loop Interferometer Applications Work by Applying 3D Mathematica Graphics

MathModelica: A New Modeling and Simulation Environment for Mathematica

Mathematica as a Communication-Enhancement Tool in the Classroom

An Example of Computer-Based Study Material in Mathematics: Planning Principles and Realization

Numerical Simulations of the Cubic Schrödinger Equations for Periodic Perturbations

Mathematica Numerics

Transformation of Logical Specification into IP-formulas

Testing Chaos and Fractal Properties in Economic Time Series

Interactive Graphics Using MathLink

Mathematica-Aided Education of Science-Major Students

Interactive Online Exercises of Basic Mathematical Functions

Mathematica-Based Package for Studying Ordinary Differential Equations and for Analyzing the Learning Process

On "Mathematica Natsu no Gakkou" (Mathematica Summer School)

Compound Program Packages in Random Science Training and Technical Modeling

"You're Doing Simulations with Your Students, So Why Are You Using Mathematica?"

Mathematical Statistics with Mathematica

Interactive Image Processing Front End Using MathLink

Recent Extensions in the Computation of Optimal Simplified Models for Systems with Time Delays

Experiments in the Theory of Surfaces

Teaching High School Mathematics over a Network with Mathematica

Refined Constitutive Shell Equations with MathTensor

The Application of Winding Numbers to the Interior Problem of Nonconvex Polygons and Polyhedra

Exploring the Theory of Geometric Bifurcation

Transforming Systems of PDEs for Efficient Numerical Solution

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