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Q: When is The Mathematica Journal published?

A: The Mathematica Journal was established as a quarterly journal when it began publication in the summer of 1990. At that time, Addison-Wesley Publishing Company was the publisher. In 1992, Miller Freeman Publications assumed responsibilities for The Mathematica Journal, publishing quarterly issues in the winter, spring, summer and fall through the winter of 1997. During that time, The Mathematica Journal was available in print only, with an electronic supplement available on diskettes. In 1998, Wolfram Media, Inc. assumed publishing The Mathematica Journal, in order to transform it into both an online and a print publication, making the electronic components available on the internet. This provided all subscribers with a complete, evaluatable notebook for each article and column in each issue. This process is ongoing, and Wolfram will resume the practice of publishing four issues of The Mathematica Journal annually.

Q: What is a "one-year subscription"?   

A: Subscribers receive four issues of The Mathematica Journal in a "one-year subscription."  During the ongoing transition from a print publication to an online and print publication, fewer than four issues have been published in the span of one year. A "one-year subscription" ends when the subscriber has received four new issues.

Q: Can I subscribe to the online issue only?

A: Yes. There are several ways to subscribe to The Mathematica Journal. You may receive the online edition exclusively or both the online and print editions. Subscriptions are not available for the print edition by itself. See Subscriptions for complete details. 

Q: Can I receive online access to back issues of The Mathematica Journal?

A: Current subscribers have access to the contents of all available back issues of The Mathematica Journal.

Q: I'm a subscriber, but I can't log onto the inside pages of The Mathematica Journal.

A:  You may need to set up your web browser to accept cookies.  

  • Netscape 3 
    • Choose Options, then Network Preferences, then Protocols
    • See a message reading "Show An Alert"
    • In this section, check the box beside "Accepting a Cookie"
    • Click OK
    • Subsequently, every time you are on a web page that wants to drop a cookie in your computer, a dialog box will pop up. It will ask you if you want to accept the cookie. To accept, click OK.
  • Netscape 4 
    • Go to Edit, then Preferences, then Advanced
    • In the Cookies section, you can select one of three options
      • Accept All
      • Accept Only From Originating Server
      • Warn Me Before Accepting a Cookie.
    • If you choose the first option, a cookie will be automatically placed in your computer without informing you
    • If you choose the second or third option, a dialog box will pop up every time a cookie is going to be dropped in your machine
  • Internet Explorer 3 
    • Go to Options, then Advanced
    • You will see an option that says Warn Before Accepting A Cookie
    • Every time you are on a web page that wants to drop a cookie in your computer, a dialog box will pop up
    • Check the box beside it and click OK
  • Internet Explorer 4 
    • Go to View, then Internet Options
    • In the box that appears, click Advanced
    • Scroll down to find Cookies
    • Select one of two options
      • Always Accept Cookies
      • Prompt Before Accepting Cookies
    • Click Apply, then OK
  • Internet Explorer 5
    • Click the Tool menu
    • Click Internet Options
    • Choose the Security tab
    • Click the image labeled Internet
    • Select one of two ways to turn on cookies
      • Set security to Medium
      • Click Custom Level and select what you want

Q: Are print copies of back issues available?   

A: See Back Issues for more information. Most print issues of The Mathematica Journal are still available and may be ordered.

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