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New on MathSource

The following notebooks and packages were recently published on MathSource. To download, select the name of any of these items or visit MathSource at

Ray Tracing with Optica (Henry Lamb, item 0211-633)

qmatrix: A Package for Quantum Information Theory (Timo Felbinger, item 0211-644)

Graphical Analysis for Discrete Dynamical Systems (Thomas LoFaro, item 0211-655)

Making Dimensionless Models (Anton Antonov, item 0211-666)

Approximate Symbolic Solution of One-Dimensional Integral Equation of the Second Kind (Anry Nersessian, item 0211-677)

Ruby/Mathematica--Ruby Interface to MathLink (Ikegami Daisuke, item 0211-688)

Spherical Density/Contour Plot (Florian Berger, item 0211-699)

A Package of Bootstrap Algorithms for Mean, Simple Linear Regression Models and Correlation Coefficient (Enis Siniksaran, item 0211-701)

A Monte Carlo Approach to the Permutation Test (Enis Siniksaran, item 0211-712)

Graphics`Colors Palette (Jack Calman, item 0211-723)

A package which defines a function that tries to find all roots of an equation between xmin and xmax (Ted Ersek, item 0211-734)

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