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Volume 8, Issue 3

Research Articles using Mathematica (2000)

Ferreira, M.; Ferreira, W.; Lino, A.; and Porto, M. "Uncovering Oscillations, Complexity, and Chaos in Chemical Kinetics Using Mathematica," Journal of Chemical Education 76, no. 6 (1999) 861-866.

Geppi, M. and Forte, C. "The Sport-NMR Software: A Tool for Determining Relaxation Times in Unresolved NMR Spectra," Journal of Magnetic Resonance 137 (1999) 177-185.

Rose, C. and Smith, D. "Symbolic Maximum Likelihood Estimation with Mathematica," The Statistician 49 (2000) 229-240

Baumann, G., Südland, N., and Nonnenmacher, T. "Anomalous Relaxation and Diffusion Processes in Complex Systems," Transport Theory and Statistical Physics 29 (2000) 157-171

Lesso, J., Duncan, A., Sibbett, W., and Padgett, M. "Aberrations Introduced by a Lens Made From a Birefringent Material," Applied Optics 39 (2000) 592-598

German, R. "Markov Regenerative Stochastic Petri Nets with General Execution Policies: Supplementary Variable Analysis and a Prototype Tool," Performance Evaluation 39, 165-188

Maslen, M. and Abbott, P. "Automation of the Lifting Factorisation of Wavelet Transforms," Computer Physics Communications 127 (2000) 309-326

Loveall, D., Hamley, M., Miller, B., and Bartschat, K. "Simulation of Collisionally Excited Atomic States," Computer Physics Communications 124 (2000) 90-103

Gleeson, J. "A Closure Method for Random Advection of a Passive Scalar," Physics of Fluids 12 (2000) 1472-1484

Slawinski, M., Slawinski, R., Brown, R., and Parkin, J. "A Generalized Form of Snell's Law in Anisotropic Media," Geophysics 65 (2000) 632-637

Hromadka II, T. "A Unit Hydrograph Rainfall-Runoff Model using Mathematica," Environmental Modelling & Software 15 (2000) 151-160

Romeny, R. and Florack, L. "Front End Vision: A Multiscale Geometry Engine," Proceedings of the First IEEE International Workshop on Biologically Motivated Computer Vision (2000)

Khanin, R., Cartmell, M., and Gilbert, A. "A Computerised Implementation of the Multiple Scales Perturbation Method Using Mathematica," Computers and Structures 76 (2000) 565-575

Marasco, A. "Lindstedt-Poincaré Method and Mathematica Applied to the Motion of a Solid with a Fixed Point," Computers and Mathematics with Applications 40 (2000) 333-343

Lungu, E.,  Motsumi, T., and Stys, T. "Solving the Equations - uxx - euyy = f(x,y,u) by an O(h^4) Finite Difference Method," Numerical Methods for Partial Differential Equations 16 (2000) 395-407

Zhang, Q. and Leung, A. "Normal Form of Double Hopf Bifurcation in Forced Oscillators," Journal of Sound and Vibration 231 (2000) 1057-1069

Manly, K. "Mathematica Packages for Simulation of Experimental Genetics," Bioinformatics 16 (2000) 408-409

Wakeling, J. "Computational methods for the analysis of swimming biomechanics," Experimental Biology Online - EBO 2 (2000)

Halfmann, T. and Thole, M. "A Sizing Strategy for combining DC & AC Constraints in Analog Circuit Design," Proceedings of the Sixth International Workshop on Symbolic Methods and Applications in Circuit Design (2000)

Hahn, T. "Automatic loop calculations with FeynArts, FormCalc, and LoopTools," NUCLEAR PHYSICS B-PROCEEDINGS SUPPLEMENTS 89  (2000) 231-236

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