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Mathematica for Mac OS X Featured in Jobs's Keynote at Macworld Expo

Mathematica for Mac OS X was one of the exciting new products featured during the opening keynote address at the 2002 Macworld Conference and Expo held in San Francisco, California. The complete story is available at

Stephen Wolfram Interview in New Scientist

In a recent issue of New Scientist magazine, writer Marcus Chown interviewed Stephen Wolfram, the developer of Mathematica, about his ongoing work on the edge of scientific discovery. The complete interview is available at

MathWorld -- Back Online

MathWorld is a free online encyclopedia of mathematics that Eric Weisstein developed for students, educators, math enthusiasts, and researchers. The site is hosted and sponsored as a public service by Wolfram Research. MathWorld can be viewed at

Mathematica Puts New "Spin" on Cricket Bowling Action

Mathematica user and New Zealand physicist Rene Ferdinands from the University of Waikato has been using Mathematica to investigate the dynamics of the bowling action in the game of cricket. Read the whole story at

Quilt Design by Mathematica

Kenzou Nakamura, author of several books on Mathematica in design, has organized an art exhibit in Tokyo to show tapestries and a quilt designed with the use of Mathematica. Information and sample images can be found at

Confessions of a Mathematica Addict

Associate Professor John Browne of Swinburne University of Technology is a self-described "Mathematica addict." Read the story at

Mathematical Functions Site Offers "Encyclopedic" Resource

Recently released, Wolfram Research's Mathematical Functions site was created as a resource for the educational, mathematical, and scientific communities. It contains the world's most encyclopedic collection of information about mathematical functions. The site address is

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