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Wolfram Research Introduces webMathematica for Mac OS X

Volume 8, Issue 4
Wolfram Research, Inc. announces that webMathematica, the revolutionary product that merges the computational power of Mathematica with the convenience and accessibility of the web, is now available for Mac OS X.

webMathematica provides the ability to quickly and easily add interactive calculations to the web, enabling users to:

  • Build custom websites that provide specialized calculations
  • Compute, visualize, and analyze data using a web browser
  • Deliver sophisticated courseware and publish interactive books
  • Provide active functionality for technical documentation that can be instantly updated from a centralized location
  • Integrate computation into existing enterprise infrastructure

"While webMathematica has already made a major impact on the paradigm for delivering technical computations, we expect another major boost in applications now that webMathematica is available for Mac OS X," says Lars Hohmuth, Product Manager for webMathematica at Wolfram Research. "The Macintosh has traditionally been the platform for innovative and creative people, so we are looking forward to seeing what they come up with."

"Mac OS X provides a powerful and feature-rich platform for performing intensive, scientific computing," says Ron Okamoto, Apple's vice president of Worldwide Developer Relations. "We're excited to have webMathematica available for Mac OS X because it gives our users the remarkable ability to create web applications that can conduct interactive calculations and visualization directly within a web browser."

Since its initial release, webMathematica has generated extensive interest with a number of banks, engineering firms, and other institutions already starting to phase it into their enterprisewide systems. It has also caught on quickly with individual users, hundreds of whom are now using it to express their creativity or to work in new ways over the internet.

"The solid Unix foundations of Mac OS X and the included Java 2 Standard Edition, a unique feature among operating systems, make Mac OS X an ideal platform for webMathematica," says Theodore Gray, cofounder of Wolfram Research and chief architect of the Mathematica user interface. "In addition, the ease-of-use features in Mac OS X Server make setting up and administering a high-performance web server a straightforward proposition. The Mac platform is also renowned for the availability of best-of-class software solutions like Photoshop and QuickTime Streaming Server for the generation of immersive websites."

webMathematica is built on Java servlets, making it compatible with any web server, servlet engine, or application server that supports the Servlet 2.0 or later API and giving developers a broad choice of web solutions to work from.

webMathematica is also available for other major operating systems and platforms including Windows, Linux, and Solaris. It comes in two license configurations: webMathematica Professional, intended for the development and deployment of sophisticated intranet and internet sites, and webMathematica Amateur, designed for individuals who wish to showcase their work over the web. Subscribers to Wolfram Research's Premier Service can receive complimentary copies of webMathematica Amateur.

Information on ordering webMathematica is available online. Additional information about webMathematica, including working webMathematica examples, is also available.

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