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Mathematica Author and Publisher Program

The Mathematica Author and Publisher Program is designed to assist authors and publishers of Mathematica-related books with support, tools, and information for book authoring, publishing, and marketing. More details are available at

Mathematica Speaker Assistance Program

The Mathematica Speaker Assistance Program makes a number of Wolfram Research resources more easily available to trainers and consultants for their Mathematica-related presentations and seminars. Program benefits include informative promotional materials, calendar listings, and possibly other publicity on the Wolfram Research website. For additional information, visit

MathML Central: A Wolfram Web Resource

MathML Central, a new Wolfram web resource that uses webMathematica technology, is the place to go for information about MathML. The MathML Central website contains extensive examples, documentation, tutorials, and other tools. The MathML tools on the site take advantage of Mathematica's built-in capabilities for importing, processing, and exporting MathML. Explore this new resource at

MathML International Conference 2002

Details and transcriptions of select conference talks and presentations at the MathML International Conference 2002, hosted by Wolfram Research from June 28 to 30 in Chicago, Illinois, are available online at

Finance Data Feed Table

The table showing various ways to link Bloomberg and Reuters data feeds with Mathematica can be found at is a pioneer in the business of hosting sites that use webMathematica to instantly perform complex calculations. Says founder Tom Compton, "For a small subscription fee, users avoid systems administration issues and have tech support to get over troublesome problems. Additionally, their sites benefit from use of a dedicated server and access to a pool of kernels." For more information, see

MathXL for Calculus

Addison Wesley, one of the world's most respected textbook publishers, has launched new online calculus tutorials and testing using webMathematica technology from Wolfram Research. MathXL for Calculus is a web-based program designed to help diagnose students' calculus skills and to create a personalized study plan for each student based on the student's test results. Learn more about MathXL for Calculus at

Smithsonian National Museum of American History

A new Smithsonian National Museum of American History exhibit on teaching math in America features Mathematica as a key teaching tool. The information on Mathematica on the museum website can be located by visiting, clicking "The Information Age" in the sidebar, and proceeding to page two.


webUnRisk, an interactive new risk analysis tool on the Wolfram Research website, is just one example of the types of financial analysis you can perform when you combine the online technical computing power of webMathematica with a top-notch derivatives pricing engine like UnRisk. You can use the sample data given or upload your own. Read more about this interactive tool at

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