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RiskQ 4.2: Software for Probability and Statistics

RiskQ provides tools for developing empirical and theoretical distributions and uses these tools for hypothesis testing. Applications include experimental data analysis, toxicology, epidemiology, and risk analysis.

To learn more about RiskQ, visit the website at

The developer of RiskQ can be contacted at:

Loehle Enterprises
1258 Windemere Avenue
Naperville, IL 60564
phone: 630-527-8402
fax: 630-527-8502

Mathematica Training and Consulting

Whether you are an individual or a company seeking Mathematica training, Wolfram Education Group provides a learning solution with Certified Training. Register for classes and review the Education Benefits Program for corporate account training incentives and discounts.

If you are looking for Independent Training for additional courses, workshops, or tutorials, Wolfram Education Group can provide a variety of learning opportunities from independent trainers and companies with years of Mathematica experience.

Wolfram Research also offers direct Consulting Services, such as reviewing and debugging your Mathematica code, isolating problems in large Mathematica programs, implementing custom features, and writing complete programs based on users' specifications.


Custom Calculus Solutions Instantly

On this site you get automatic step-by-step derivatives and integrals with each step explained. Long multiplication and division of polynomials are also provided.


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