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New Resources

Mathematica Information Center

The Mathematica Information Center is a treasury of thousands of Mathematica-related items, all in one place. This new online resource combines materials from the long-lived and popular MathSource website and the former Mathematica Resource Library, submissions from Mathematica users, and new content from Wolfram Research. Fully indexed and equipped with full-text and advanced search capabilities, the center currently contains nearly five thousand items, and new entries are being added daily.

A What's New page at highlights recent additions to the Mathematica Information Center, while an updated subject-classification scheme makes finding materials easier than ever. All items are presented in a standardized format that includes summaries, bibliographic information, and in many cases links to the full text.

Continuing in the tradition started with MathSource, we encourage users to contribute materials and suggestions to the Mathematica Information Center by visiting Sharing programs and notebooks with other users makes Mathematica a richer, more valuable tool for everyone.

To learn more, visit the Mathematica Information Center at

Graphics Gallery

Take an interactive visual tour of our new Graphics Gallery, an online collection of Mathematica graphics created by users around the world. It features examples of 2D graphics, polyhedra, surfaces, and animations that can be used for academic, professional, or recreational purposes. For example, you can download images to enliven your website or to help you visualize a concept. To view the graphics or to contact us about having your work included in the collection, visit

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