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New Products

Mathematica 5
Mathematica 5 is the new high-performance version of Wolfram Research's award-winning technical computing software. Key new technologies enable Mathematica 5 to outperform dedicated numerical systems in raw computational speed, while introducing a host of innovative features.

Mathematica for Students 5
Mathematica for Students 5 gives students all of the power of the software preferred by top universities, leading corporations, and government organizations worldwide at a special student price. Individual and campuswide licensing as well as new volume-discount pricing for students and student groups are available.

webMathematica 2.0
webMathematica 2.0 from Wolfram Research incorporates features that make it even easier for users to build sophisticated, interactive web applications with the full calculation and visualization power of Mathematica technology.

gridMathematica offers a complete parallel computing solution for dedicated grids or clusters. This highly cost-effective way of deploying Mathematica for parallel computations is also available in a fully localized Japanese edition.

Mathematica for the Classroom
This special edition of Mathematica for precollege and community college classrooms and computer labs provides the same functionality as the professional version of Mathematica at an exclusive low price.

A New Kind of Science Poster
This unique poster is a complete representation of the text of A New Kind of Science. Overlaid with the pattern of cellular automaton rule 30, each "cell" is a page out of the book and can be read with the aid of a powerful magnifying glass.

New Mathematica Applications

Algebra, Trigonometry, & Mathematica Download
Algebra, Trigonometry, & Mathematica (AT&M) is interactive courseware that helps students learn precalculus by doing mathematics instead of reading about it.

Control System Professional Suite
This product provides powerful, integrated tools for control in an extensible framework of tightly integrated Mathematica application packages.

Control System Professional 2
Control System Professional offers an object-oriented environment for solving common problems in control and systems areas.

Advanced Numerical Methods
This application package expands the functionality of Control System Professional with an extensive collection of state-of-the-art numerical algorithms.

Derivatives Expert III
This updated version forms a high-end financial analysis and engineering tool for banks, asset management companies, and financial exchanges.

Experimental Data Analyst 1.1
From extensive data fitting capabilities to data visualization and transformation, Experimental Data Analyst helps you get the most out of your experimental data.

Fuzzy Logic 2
Included in Fuzzy Logic 2 are a large number of new functions to enhance the already robust set of utilities available with the package as well as other performance improvements to help make it the most flexible environment for exploring fuzzy systems.

Geometrica uses the symbolic engine of Mathematica to help you create perfect figures and perform analytical geometry and tests.

machine learning framework 1.1
Offering a complete solution for engineers, professionals, and all experts who want to extract computational models from data, the new version of machine learning framework speeds up machine learning kernel functions and improves the numerical scheme for the optimization of fuzzy rules.

Neural Networks
Neural Networks gives professionals and students the tools to train, visualize, and validate neural network models. Examples on paper quality and exchange rate that show the capabilities of Neural Networks can be found in the Mathematica Information Center.

A New Kind of Science Explorer: Mathematica Kit
Based on the same programs that Wolfram used to create the striking graphics in his book, A New Kind of Science Explorer: Mathematica Kit enables the user to take full advantage of Mathematica's integrated environment.

Operations Research 3.0
Operations Research 3.0 is a Mathematica package for solving problems in linear optimization, quadratic programming, shortest path tasks, and combinatorial optimization and heuristics.

RiskQ 4.2
Using empirical data, RiskQ helps build and manipulate population distributions for conducting customized statistical tests.

SchematicSolver is the first mouse-driven, interactive drawing tool based entirely on Mathematica's built-in functions, graphics primitives, and palettes.

Tensors in Physics
Tensors in Physics allows the user to compute tensor calculations with hundreds or thousands of components and can also be extended by the addition of user-defined functions.

Combine speed with precision for fast, accurate pricing of financial derivatives in Mathematica with UnRisk PRICING ENGINE. Dozens of exotic options, including Asian, double barrier, chooser, digital, lookback, and supershare options, lead the list of new features in Version 1.7.

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