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New Publications

The Mathematica Book, Fifth Edition
by Stephen Wolfram

CalcLabs with Mathematica for Stewart's Single Variable Calculus
by Selwyn Hollis

Challenging the Boundaries of Symbolic Computation: Proceedings of the 5th International Mathematica Symposium
edited by Peter Mitic, Philip Ramsden, and Janet Carne

Computational Financial Mathematics Using Mathematica: Optimal Trading in Stocks and Options
by Srdjan Stojanovic

Introduction to Chemical Engineering Analysis Using Mathematica
by Henry C. Foley

A Mathematica Approach to Calculus, Second Edition
by John T. Gresser

A Mathematica Companion for Differential Equations
by Selwyn Hollis

Mathematica for Physics, Second Edition
by Robert L. Zimmerman and Fredrick I. Olness

Mathematical Methods in Physics and Engineering with Mathematica
by Ferdinand F. Cap

The MathML Handbook
by Pavi Sandhu

Modelling Metabolism with Mathematica
by Peter J. Mulquiney and Philip W. Kuchel

Numerical and Analytical Methods for Scientists and Engineers Using Mathematica
by Daniel Dubin

Partial Differential Equations and Boundary Value Problems with Mathematica, Second Edition
by Prem K. Kythe, Pratap Puri, and Michael R. Schäferkotter

Precalculus: Anticipating Calculus Using Mathematica Labs
by Barry Cherkas with Daniel S. Chess

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