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Mathematica Celebrates 15th Anniversary with New High-Performance Release
When Wolfram Research first released Mathematica 1.0 on June 23, 1988, it was immediately lauded as a dramatic advance. Wolfram Research continues to lead the world of technical computing with the release of Mathematica 5, the new high-performance version of this award-winning system. To learn more, visit

Macworld Editors' Choice Award
Mathematica received Macworld's 18th Annual Editors' Choice Award in the Science/Engineering Software category. For more information, visit

Mathematica Developer Conference
The annual Mathematica Developer Conference took place in April 2003 at the Wolfram Research headquarters in Champaign, Illinois. For a listing of presentation notebooks, including discussion of new technologies in Mathematica 5, visit

Mathematica Teacher's Edition for Mac OS X
Mathematica Teacher's Edition, a product designed especially for high school teachers and community college professors, is now available for Mac OS X and is part of Apple's Math Curriculum Mobile Lab. A fully localized Japanese version of Mathematica Teacher's Edition is also available. To learn more, visit

Download the New Web Services Package 1.0 Beta
Wolfram Research is inviting users to try its new Web Services Package, which integrates Mathematica and web services by letting a user call web services from Mathematica. Web Services Package gives Mathematica users access to additional data and processing services, such as geographical data, financial data, remote calculation, language translation, file conversion, and Wolfram Research online information services, from directly within Mathematica. For more information, visit

Real-Time Data Feeds for Mathematica with HyperFeed
Finance users requiring live real-time data feeds for their trading and risk management applications that are based on Mathematica technology now have an extremely fast and simple solution. HyperFeed Technologies, one of the leading providers of real-time and historical market data of various financial instruments, offers subscribers of its data a Java API that can be accessed very easily from the Mathematica kernel through J/Link. For more information, go to

South Africa's National Disaster Atlas Uses webMathematica Technology to Fight Catastrophic Events
In South Africa, disasters such as droughts, floods, and famines are common occurrences. While emergency supplies are often available, they are useful only if government officials can anticipate when and where disaster will strike. Dusan Sakulski, System Integrator and Coordinator of the National Disaster Management Centre of South Africa, is using webMathematica to help predict the time, location, and intensity of natural disasters. For more information, view the full story at

Veteran Mathematica User Steven Skiena Is Showing the Fun of Discrete Mathematics
Steven Skiena, the original developer of Combinatorica is anticipating the release of his most recent book, Computational Discrete Mathematics: Combinatorics and Graph Theory with Mathematica. Co-authored with Sriram Pemmaraju, a fellow computer scientist and Combinatorica developer, the book is "the definitive guide to Combinatorica." Experimenting with Combinatorica provides an exciting new way to learn combinatorics and graph theory. Says Skiena, "We want to show the fun of discrete mathematics." For more information, go to

Mathematica Ported to NEC's Itanium Linux Platform
Wolfram Research, Inc. and NEC Corporation are pleased to announce the release of Mathematica 4.2 for the Itanium Linux platform. Intel's Itanium 64-bit architecture is designed for demanding next-generation computing applications such as Mathematica. For more information, see

Fraunhofer-Gesellschaft Formally Increases Mathematica Usage
Fraunhofer-Gesellschaft, a collection of over 55 highly specialized applied research institutes, has designated Mathematica as its strategic technical computing software. Fraunhofer has been an important force in German science and industry for over 50 years. For more information, visit

Mathematica Classroom Gets Students Interested in Math
High school math will never be the same at Torrey Pines High School in San Diego, California. Abby Brown and her students are pushing the limits of traditional learning with Mathematica. To learn more, see

Art Inspires a Lesson in Calculus
Croatian math and computer science teacher Maja Cvitkovic is not content with the same old math lessons. So when she had the opportunity to use Mathematica with a group of teenage students at a workshop in Zagreb, she devised a lesson that gave them a chance to play. The assignment: Create a picture using random dots. More information is available at

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