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New Products

Mathematica for Students: Semester Edition and Annual Edition
Semester Edition and Annual Edition are low-priced, downloadable editions of Mathematica for Students that expire after six months and one year.

webMathematica 2.1
The update includes the high-performance Mathematica 5, powerful new development options, and support for additional file formats, giving webMathematica added speed and choices for real-time, interactive web applications. Users of webMathematica 2.1 will be able to spend less time building applications and waiting for results, and more time exploring new functionality.

gridMathematica 1.1
gridMathematica combines the power of the world's leading technical computing environment with modern computing clusters and grids to solve the most demanding problems in mathematics, science, engineering, and finance.

CalculationCenter 2 for Networks and Students
Network CalculationCenter 2 and CalculationCenter for Students offer convenient and inexpensive licensing options.

New Mathematica Applications and Upgrades

GUIKit 1.0 Beta
GUIKit simplifies the construction and layout of common graphical user interface (GUI) programming components while minimizing the need to know any details of the underlying Java framework.

This new tool lets you analyze, design, optimize, and simulate magnetic systems with Mathematica.

MathOptimizer Professional
MathOptimizer Professional is a recent application that combines the power of Mathematica with the established LGO (Lipschitz Global Optimizer) solver suite. It offers sophisticated application development tools and enables the global and local solution of a general class of continuous optimization problems.

SchematicSolver 2
SchematicSolver 2 offers users working in signal processing, systems, and circuits enhanced functionality unavailable in any other software for drawing and solving schematic systems.

Global Optimization 4.3
Global Optimization 4.3 is a collection of functions for constrained and unconstrained global nonlinear optimization. Any function computable by Mathematica can be used as input.

MathCode C++ 1.2
With MathCode C++ you can generate optimized C++ code that can be compiled and connected seamlessly into Mathematica.

mathStatica 1.5
Built upon the incredible symbolic computational power of Mathematica, mathStatica was designed to find the exact symbolic solutions to statistical problems.

TSi ProPac 3.2
TSi ProPac is an integrated, enhanced version of TSi Dynamics and TSi Controls. This package enables users to build plant models, create simulations, obtain linear models, design linear and nonlinear controls, design adaptive controls, and implement controllers.

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