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Volume 9, Issue 3

You can download the notebooks in this issue of The Mathematica Journal as a .zip file.

Download (6.7 MB)

Once you have unzipped the file, you will have a directory that includes the following notebooks.

  • TMJv9i3-contents.nb--Table of Contents
  • WaveX.nb--WaveX: Extracting Wavelets from Seismic Data by John M. Novak
  • ModularGroup.nb--The Modular Group by Paul R. McCreary, Teri Jo Murphy, and Christan Carter
  • UniformDistribution.nb--On the Beauty of Uniform Distribution Modulo One by Karl Entacher
  • EllipticRationalFunctions.nb--Elliptic Rational Functions by Miroslav D. Lutovac and Dejan V. Tosic
  • polyominoes.nb--Polyominoes and Related Families by Jaime Rangel-Mondragón
  • interConst.nb--Algebraic Construction of Smooth Interpolants on Polygonal Domains by Elisabeth Anna Malsch and Gautam Dasgupta
  • Tricks9-3.nb--Tricks of the Trade by Paul Abbott
  • InOut9-3.nb--In and Out by Paul Abbott
  • Corner9-3.nb--Trott's Corner by Michael Trott

Additional Material file not included:

  • ModularGroup.m--(44KB) The Modular Group by Paul R. McCreary, Teri Jo Murphy, and Christan Carter

Text sections of The Mathematica Journal (letters, news, etc.) are not included in the download.

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