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New Resources

Documentation Center
The Wolfram Research Documentation Center has been redesigned for easier searching and retrieval of information, and is now updated to include the complete documentation for Mathematica 5.1. For more information, visit

Wolfram Technology Conference Proceedings
The 2004 Wolfram Technology Conference was an outstanding forum for the wide range of topics concerning Mathematica users from around the world. The intensive three-day event offered more than 80 presentations, classes, and workshops on Wolfram technologies and their applications. For a complete list of this year's conference presentations and to download any of the available presentation notebooks, visit

Mathematica Information Center Editor's Pick
Each week, Mathematica Information Center editor Ed Pegg Jr picks an exciting new submission that explores mathematics in an interesting and insightful way to feature on the website. For the latest Editor's Pick, visit

Mathematica Graphics Gallery
Several vivid, full-color images from the Mathematica Graphics Gallery can now be purchased as posters from the Mathematica Gallery Collection. These stimulating graphics by Michael Trott, author of The Mathematica GuideBooks, bring together art and science to produce powerful, eye-catching visualizations of interesting mathematical forms. For more information, visit

The latest version of the Automata package for manipulating finite state machines and their syntactic semigroups is now online. The hybrid Mathematica/C++ package also includes a number of operations on one-dimensional cellular automata. For more information and to download this package, visit

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