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New Products

Mathematica 5.1
Mathematica 5.1, the data functions release, is the latest version of Wolfram Research's world-renowned science and technology software system. Building on the dramatic speed, scope, and scalability improvements of Mathematica 5.0, Version 5.1 adds a host of new capabilities, especially for working with large-scale, diverse types of data.

Wolfram Publicon
Wolfram Publicon provides an easy-to-use graphical interface for creating publication-quality technical documents that integrate text, searchable typeset equations, graphics, hyperlinks, endnotes, and references. Built-in palettes, templates, and style sheets simplify the creation of documents that conform to industry-standard formats, but also allow for complete customization to match any style.

Mathematica Applications

Global Optimization 5.0
Global Optimization 5.0 is a collection of functions for constrained and unconstrained global nonlinear optimization. It uses Mathematica as an interface for defining nonlinear systems to be solved and for computing function numeric values.

webMathematica Author
webMathematica Author is a Mathematica add-on that aids in the creation and development of JavaServer Pages (JSP) for use with webMathematica. It provides users with functions and palette options that simplify the construction and layout of commonly used HTML and webMathematica tags, thereby easing the webMathematica development process.

machine learning framework 1.2
machine learning framework is a powerful tool for all types of data mining and machine learning applications. This complete software solution is built for all experts and professionals who want to extract sophisticated computational models from data.

MathModelica 2.1
MathModelica 2.1 is a cost-effective solution to develop and maintain complex engineering models and simulate all kinds of physical systems to be documented and analyzed in Mathematica.

UnRisk PRICING ENGINE 2 accelerates high-end derivative analytics for Mathematica. UnRisk 2 features the complete reorganization and expansion of the numerical schemes to solve and calibrate two-factor models with unparalleled accuracy and speed.

MathLink for AppleScript
uni software plus GmbH has developed MathLink for AppleScript, a free tool that allows users to call Mathematica tasks from AppleScript and use AppleScript-enabled applications like FileMaker, Adobe Photoshop, and Microsoft Excel with Mathematica.

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