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Feature Articles

Moment-Based Density Approximants
Serge B. Provost

Stochastic Integrals and Their Expectations
Wilfrid S. Kendall

Bootstrap Tutorial
Hal Varian

Stable Distributions in Mathematica
Robert H. Rimmer
John P. Nolan

Computational Order Statistics
Colin Rose
Murray D. Smith

Applications of Generating Functions in Nonparametric Tests
Peter Weiß

On the Numerical Accuracy of Mathematica 5.0 for Doing Linear and Nonlinear Regression
Marc Nerlove

Skew Densities and Ensemble Inference for Financial Economics
H. D. Vinod

Neighbourhoods of Independence for Random Processes via Information Geometry
Khadiga Arwini
C. T. J. Dodson


Tricks of the Trade*
Interpolation with Noise, Using Reduce To Solve The Kuhn-Tucker Equations, Legendre-Gauss Quadrature, Pascal Matrices, and Generalized Padé Approximation
by Paul Abbott

In and Out *
Experts Answer Your Questions
by Paul Abbott

Trott's Corner 
Mathematical Searching of The Wolfram Functions Site
by Michael Trott

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