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New Products

Mathematica 5.2
Mathematica 5.2, the 64-bit multicore release, brings 64-bit technology to all supported platforms--an industry first. More than 4.3GB of memory (the 32-bit address limit) can now be addressed, and high-precision or large numbers are processed in 64-bit rather than 32-bit digit chunks for faster computation.

Wolfram Mathematica CalcCenter 3
Characterized as having "the power of Mathematica, the ease of a calculator," Mathematica CalcCenter 3 offers an award-winning interface--getting users up and running in as little as 10 minutes--while delivering industrial-strength performance and trustworthy results.

gridMathematica 2
gridMathematica 2 harnesses Mathematica's many powerful new capabilities and is optimized for virtually all Top 500 supercomputers, heterogeneous grids or clusters, and personal workstations.

webMathematica 2.2
webMathematica 2.2 capitalizes on the recent improvements in Mathematica--especially for working with large-scale, diverse types of data--to provide expanded web-development options for creating powerful interactive sites.

Mathematica Applications

Parallel Computing Toolkit 2
Parallel Computing Toolkit 2 is a versatile parallel computing solution for anyone with access to more than one processor. This Mathematica application package enables users to tackle large-scale problems and build platform-independent parallel programs with their existing Mathematica installations.

Analog Insydes 2.1
Analog Insydes is a Mathematica application package for the modeling, analysis, and design of analog electronic circuits, tailored specifically for industrial applications. This version adds new interfaces for Spectre, an extended device model library, and full integration of high-performance MathLink binaries on Mac OS X.

MathCode F90
MathCode F90 is a powerful tool for developing highly optimized Fortran 90 applications directly in Mathematica. It provides a platform for the rapid development of production-quality code for heavy simulations and other expensive computations. The automatic code generation of MathCode F90 is also a safeguard against the typing errors and associated bugs encountered when using conventional methods for prototyping and implementation.

MathOptimizer Professional
MathOptimizer Professional enables the global and local solution of a general class of continuous optimization problems, and now supports Linux and several new compilers. It combines the power of Mathematica with the established LGO (Lipschitz Global Optimizer) solver suite to offer sophisticated application development tools and solver functionality.

Operations Research 3.1
Operations Research works with Mathematica to solve problems in linear optimization, quadratic programming, shortest path, and combinatorial optimization and heuristics. It solves a broad range of typical problems encountered in university courses and in daily practical work, and can model and solve optimization problems in a very convenient and interactive manner.

UnRisk PRICING ENGINE combines speed with precision in the analysis of financial derivatives. By integrating Mathematica with optimized C++ libraries, it provides an extremely reliable ready-built solution that offers both the flexibility of a high-level programming language and the speed necessary for production use.

Updates for Mathematica Compatibility
Many other Mathematica application packages have been updated for compatibility with the latest versions of Mathematica. These updates are free to registered users of the packages, and are ready for immediate download.

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