Volume 15 (page 2)

Operating on the Animation Scene Graph in XML (X3D)

Stewart Dickson
Published February 28, 2013

The motivation for this article lies in 3D computer graphics animation systems that were developed twenty to thirty years ago. The author particularly sees the connection between Mathematica and the animation system that ran in Genera Lisp on the Symbolics platform. This article presents a method for programmatically operating on an animation scene graph in Mathematica represented in the X3D extension of the Extensible Markup Language (XML). Below is presented historical and conceptual background on the animation scene graph and a contemporary example. Further motivation came from comparing the user interface design of a current, advanced animation system to an animation scene graph implemented in X3D and uploaded to Wolfram|Alpha Pro. Finally, this article presents an instance where an X3D scene graph was used in the “Fingerspelling Sign Language” Demonstration [1]. Read More »

II. Kinetic-Energy Integrals

Minhhuy Hô, Julio Manuel Hernández-Pérez
Published January 31, 2013

This article carries out the evaluation of kinetic energy integrals using Gaussian-type functions with arbitrary Cartesian angular values. As an example, we calculate the kinetic matrix for the water molecule in the STO-3G basis set. Read More »