The Mathematica Journal


Célestin Wafo Soh
Published February 26, 2018

We propose and implement an algorithm for solving an overdetermined system of partial differential equations in one unknown. Our approach relies on the BourMayer method to determine compatibility conditions via JacobiMayer brackets. We solve compatible systems recursively by imitating what one would do with pen and paper: Solve one equation, substitute its solution into the remaining equations, and iterate the process until the equations of the system are exhausted. The method we employ for assessing the consistency of the underlying system differs from the traditional use of differential Gröbner bases, yet seems more efficient and straightforward to implement. Read More »

Robert Cowen
Published January 25, 2018

We simultaneously introduce effective techniques for solving Sudoku puzzles and explain how to implement them in Mathematica. The hardest puzzles require some guessing, and we include a simple backtracking technique that solves even the hardest puzzles. The programming skills required are kept at a minimum. Read More »